Factor affecting demand of mobile in india

This has greatly contributed to the growth of money supply in the developing countries and has caused rise in prices. Therefore, when the prices of the related goods, substitutes or complements, change, the whole demand curve would change its position; it will shift upward or downward as the case may be.

It may also be noted that if inflation is anticipated and all expect equal rates of inflation the nominal rates of interest are adjusted upward so as to obtain targeted real rate of interest.

During the periods of boom these demands of the workers for hike in wages are generally conceded. This added feature makes them preferable to land lines for many people, given the flexibility of sending messages at any time, and accessing them when it is convenient.

In our opinion the above view of costs of inflation does not consider the true cost of inflation which, as mentioned above, refers to the reduction in purchasing power or real incomes of the people which lowers their standard of living.

The difference between anticipated inflation and unanticipated inflation is of crucial importance as the effects of inflation, especially its redistributive effect, depend on whether it is anticipated or not. This is because when the prices of such goods increase, they are used only in case of urgency which reduces the demand for such goods.

As a result of sluggish exports and mounting imports, the developing countries have been facing balance of payment difficulties and shortage of foreign exchange which at times has assumed crisis proportions. Loss of Economic Efficiency: An improvement in the situation of allied industries such as construction, cement, financial services and retail will lead to increased interest in property.

The increase in money supply continues shifting the aggregate demand curve to the right; if aggregate supply does not increase sufficiently to match the increase in aggregate demand, price level will continue rising.

Industrialisation requires heavy imports of capital goods, essential raw materials and in some cases, as in India, even food grains have been imported. This resulted in slowdown in growth of money and helped in controlling inflation. The greater the number of consumers of a good, the greater the market demand for it.


But this brought about decrease in demand for black and white TVs causing leftward shift in demand curve for these black and white TVs. First, it can affect the cost of credit and second, it can influence the credit availability for private business firms.

It is, therefore, described as anti-poor. For instance, Central Chennai is one of the most valued parts of the city due to its prime location. For example, if incomes of the consumers increase, say due to the hike in their wages and salaries or due to the grant of dearness allowance, they will demand more of a good, say cloth, at each price.

Suppose a firm issues a new catalogue listing prices of its products once in a year, say in the month of January of every year. Share on Facebook Supply and demand is the basis of the world economic system. Cost of Unanticipated Inflation: For example, if you hear that Apple will soon introduce a new iPod that has more memory and longer battery life, you and other consumers may decide to wait to buy an iPod until the new product comes out.

General public do not buy more than a fraction of Government securities. Cost-Push inflation is also called supply-side inflation: As has been explained above, inflation occurs due to the emergence of excess demand for goods and services relative to their supply of output at the prevailing prices.

In drawing the demand schedule or the demand curve for a good we take income of the people as given and constant.

This was because market for Government securities was narrow as well as captive. To explain such costs of inflation it is necessary to distinguish between anticipated inflation and unanticipated i.

Inflation in India: Causes, Effects and Curve

This leads to the increase in aggregate demand or expenditure on goods and services which, k remaining constant, will lead to the increase in nominal national income PY.

Looking at the problem from an alternative angle, with wages lagging behind rise in prices, inflation causes a large shift of resources away from the production of consumer goods for the wage earners to the production of capital goods. The cheap credit policy i. Workers and the private firms often agree on fixed nominal pension payable to the workers after retirement.

Factors affecting demand

Therefore, according to Friedman and his followers modern monetaristsin the long run, the increase in nominal national income PY brought about by the expansion in money supply and resultant increase in aggregate demand will cause a proportional increase in the price level.

This is because even if the prices of such goods increase, the consumer continues the consumption of these commodities.

8 Key Factors that Affect Foreign Exchange Rates

It should be noted that Friedman and other modem quantity theorists believe that in the short run full employment of labour and other resources may not prevail due to recessionary conditions and, therefore, they admit the possibilities of increase in output. These bottlenecks are of three types: According to Shanugross domestic product GDP and inflation too pushed the real estate sector to perform better.

However, in recent years fiscal deficit in India is financed mainly through borrowing by the Government through sale of its bonds which are generally purchased by banks, insurance companies, mutual funds and corporate firms.

We shall discuss below all these effects of inflation. Demand and supply factors affecting the rising overmedicalization of birth in India. most important factor is reliable quality of the mobile phone brand and the other factor is user-friendliness of the brand of the mobile phone.

Likewise, Das () conducted an empirical research based on survey method on factors influencing buying behavior of youth consumers towards mobile handsets in coastal districts of Odisha located in India.

These statistics are an often overlooked but significant factor that affects how real estate is priced and what types of properties are in demand. Major.

6 Important Factors That Influence the Demand of Goods

Mobile phone has diverse usages to different users in accordance with their necessities. With dramatic Factor analysis was applied to extract the underlying factors affect mobile phone purchasing that the customers demand for color display handsets is increasing and it is expected that in this.

Page | 15 An Analysis of Factors Influencing the Telecommunication Industry Growth The latest report released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI, ) indicated that India has Million mobile users, million fixed-line subscribers and nearly million Internet subscribers.

Factor Affecting Mobile Phone Users' Behaviour. Much of the growth in Asia Pacific Wireless Telecommunication Market is spurred by the growth in demand in countries like India and China. India‘s mobile phone subscriber base is growing at a rate of %.

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