Cartels violence in mexico

May 26, - Pedro Roberto Velazquez Amador, allegedly the leader of the Beltran Leyva cartel in San Pedro, is killed in a shootout with federal forces in northern Mexico. Libertarians, too, are grasping for simple solutions.

Mexico's most-wanted: A guide to the drug cartels

May 1, - Roberto Velasco Bravo, Mexico's director of investigation for organized crime, is killed in Mexico City. The violence is bad enough that the U.

Corrupt officers weeded out during government crackdowns often become job applicants for full-time work for the very cartels for which they had previously worked part-time. After all, the notoriously violent drug cartel La familia Michoacana started as a self-defense group.

The President of the organization Siempre Vivos, Jose Diaz Navarro, assured that a reduction in the violence would be felt because Zenen Nava, who in January of escaped after a two hour confrontation with the armed forces, had returned.

Eight journalists were murdered in Mexico inmaking it the most dangerous country for the press after Syria. Over at Reason, J. The cartel may now be operating "with a more horizontal leadership structure than previously thought," according the US DEA report.

One of the principal issues is that, because the federal courts operate at a relatively high level, most citizens are compelled to seek justice in the inadequate state courts.

The majority of methamphetamine sold in the United States is made in Mexico, and Mexican-run methamphetamine labs that operate north of the border account for much of the remainder.

The fact is, the cartels began to professionalize human smuggling aroundwhen large numbers of Central American migrants began coming through what had long been drug smuggling routes. The presence of military and state police has not contained the disappearances and executions and the criminals come back each time more brutal.

The rise of the trade in illegal drugs came during the long the reign of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional the Institutional Revolutionary Party or PRIwhich had consolidated its hold over Mexico and constructed a single-party state. The tracing of weapons used in crimes reveals that 8 of 10 crime guns in Jamaica were purchased in Florida, while 9 of 10 in Mexico were purchased in U.

The attack was carried out by cartel gunmen on motorcycles who fired semi-automatic rifles and threw grenades at the buildings and into the streets.

One of the more prominent cases was that of syndicated columnist Francisco Arratia Saldiernaa prominent and well-known journalist who wrote a column called Portavoz or "Spokesman". The self-defense groups have seldom taken on the drug cartels, focusing instead on punishing the small gangs and local criminals that carry out robberies, assaults, and rapes.

Nevertheless, the organization Siempre Vivos considers that part of the violence that affects the towns of Tixtla and Zitlala, is a strategy of terror of the State and Federal Governments so that the population calls for the law of Homeland Security, that is pending for discussion at the Congress of the Union.

According to Mexican officials, the gunmen wore marine uniforms and drove vehicles with government markings. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by violence.

Mexico has an overall homicide rate of 22 murders perpeople per year, an elevated rate, although not as high as its neighbors. One is the availability of firearms. September 13, - A murdered man and woman are found hanging from a bridge in Nuevo Laredo.

Possibly defunct as of Amerigo Incalcaterra of the OHCHR advocated the protection of journalists and the preservation of freedom of speechcalling it "essential for the consolidation of democracy and the rule of law in this country".

At first, the Mexican gangs were paid in cash for their transportation services, but in the late s, the Mexican transport organizations and the Colombian drug traffickers settled on a payment-in-product arrangement. Latin America has the greatest income inequality of any region in the world.

La Familia Michoacana - Based in the Michoacan state. Authorities say the suspected drug traffickers were storing marijuana on the island. Corruption in Mexico High levels of corruption in the police, judiciary, and government in general have contributed greatly to the crime problem.

PRI had a long-standing propensity for bribe taking, and this characteristic proved an attractive asset in arranging things with the emerging cartels. Reyes-Loya, and Carl E. Under the PRI system the cartels were relatively well behaved.

Mexican Drug War

The cartel is now splintered into small, competing gangs. The Mexican government has warned it's one of the most dangerous cartels in the country, especially after it shot down a military helicopter in May August 20, - Mario Ramirez-Trevino, ranking member of the Gulf cartel and also known as "X," is captured in Reynosa, a city in Tamaulipas state.

Worse, only 7 percent of reported crimes in Mexico proceed on to court. July 15, - Los Zetas cartel leader Miguel Angel Trevino Morales, known as Z, is detained by Mexican authorities in an operation in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas, state media reports. Formerly aligned with the Sinaloa cartel.

Corruption is a significant obstacle to Mexico's achieving a stable democracy. Nevertheless, the emergence of self-defense groups is fraught with potential dangers, from out-of-control vigilantism, to cooptation by major drug cartels.

Ordinary people decided they had to do something on their own. CARTEL WATCH Game of Drones: Mexico’s Cartels Have a Deadly New Weapon. Weaponized drones – ISIS-style aerial IEDs – are just the latest paramilitary hardware the cartels are adding to the.

*Mexico was named an Outstanding Academic Title of by Choice Magazine. Bloodshed connected with Mexican drug cartels, how they emerged, and their impact on the United States is. Even though Mexican cartels are depicted as being violent and prone to crimes, their cartel behavior indicates the “business-like” purposes behind what they do.

However, people generalize all cartels according to the Zetas ruthless acts of violence, one of the most dangerous cartels in Mexico. Mexico has pursued a militarized approach to fighting crime and drug trafficking for the past decade. Violence has only gone up over that period, however.

Criminal groups have proliferated. Aug 04,  · Tecomán is a coastal town in Colima, where Mexicans once went to escape drug violence.

Now it’s an emblem of the country’s soaring murder rate. Part of what’s driving the violence in northern Mexico is the breakdown of the Gulf and Los Zetas cartels.

Rise of Drug Cartel Brings Wave of Mexican Violence

The most recent wave of violence began last April when Mexican authorities in Reynosa killed Juan Manuel Loisa Salinas, the leader of the Gulf Cartel.

Cartels violence in mexico
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